ClearCloud Supplementary Terms of Service

Welcome to ClearCloud, a cloud file hosting service. These terms are mandatory for using ClearCloud (hereon referred to as the Service) and are supplementary to the MyWikis Terms of Service, listed at

Section 1: File ownership

MyWikis (hereon referred to as the Operator) shall recognize that the User (whom is you or anybody using any MyWikis service) uploads intellectual property (hereon referred to as Stored Files). These Stored Files may be, at any time, without reason, be viewed, modified, deleted, copied, renamed, used, or altered in any way whatsoever by the Operator or other approved companies the Operator chooses to share information with. The User agrees that all Stored Files he uploaded may not be subject to privacy and could be viewed at any time, and that the Operator shall not be held liable by anybody.

Section 2: Acceptable Use Policy

The User shall agree that their files may not infringe on appropriate laws and if they are held or found illegal at any time whatsoever, they will be deleted without warning. The User agrees that they shall not upload, use, solicit, or promote anything that is:

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses:

Acceptable: Unacceptable:

To enforce these terms, the User consents without hesitation that their files may be subject to search and that they waive their right to privacy completely so that staff may search files.

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